As you will be aware, the deadline for Brexit is approaching rapidly with the United Kingdom currently scheduled to leave the European Union on 29th March 2019.

Whilst the final terms of Brexit are still to be agreed, we do know that a “no-deal” Brexit will have an impact on drivers driving in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK. Recent guidance from the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) advises that, if a “no-deal” Brexit were to take place then anyone taking their vehicle to the UK, including Northern Ireland, will require an internationally recognised insurance document to show the law enforcement authorities in this jurisdiction that you have valid motor insurance. This international document is called a Green Card. Please note, Green cards will not be needed if the EU and the UK reach an agreement on Brexit or if a transitional arrangement is implemented.

How do I get a Green Card?

Please contact us and we will arrange for a Green Card/s to be sent out. As it will take some time to produce and post a Green Card to you, please ensure you contact us as soon as possible to arrange this, particularly if you are planning to travel to Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK on or very shortly after 29th March 2019. Note, Green Cards are non-transferable and are specific to individual vehicles covered by your insurance. We recommend that you keep your Green Card/s safely inside your vehicle/s at all times, so they are always there whenever they are required.

For further information on Green cards and Brexit, please see the Q&A on the MIBI website:

UK licence holders domiciled in Ireland

In the event of a no-deal Brexit the driving licence of a UK licence holder living here in Ireland will not be recognised and the driver will not be able to continue to drive here in Ireland on that licence. We urge all our affected clients to exchange their UK licence for an Irish licence as soon as possible. There is currently an approximate turnaround time of 17 days for exchanging licences, but this may increase with a sudden increase of requests.

Whilst a UK licence can currently be exchanged for an Irish (EU licence), there are no guarantees that this rule won’t change. Some other licences (such as the USA) cannot be exchanged, forcing drivers onto learner permits and all that entails (theory test, 12 certified professional lessons, and full test)”. Please see the link below for the official National Driving Licence Service statement on the matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further queries.


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