Choose LHK for School Insurance

As a broker, we do more than just provide school insurance. Our role as your advocate and broker is to use our understanding of your school insurance needs and school risk profile, to tailor a suite of school insurance policies specifically for you. Every year we negotiate with top-rated insurers to give you the best security, cover and price combination to meet your school risk needs.

Economic and demographic developments are changing the way educational institutions are structured and operated. Since the 1980s, major risk factors have emerged in the education sector – including sexual abuse, inappropriate dealings with students and reputational damage. In this landscape, having the right school risk management and school insurance program is more important than ever.

School Insurance Solutions

While there is an insurance solution for some of these issues, sound risk management practice presents a far better option. Our education specialists can assist you in developing a risk management plan to address your school’s specific needs. Below are highlights of our general insurance program for schools:

  • Liability for work experience for Transition Year students
  • Personal Accident including medical expenses
  • Fine arts, including collections on loan or exhibitions
  • Bullying and the resultant liability issues
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Field trips local and overseas

For further details, please contact Graham Hohn on (01) 2055600 or email

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Drogheda: +353 (0) 41 983 7660