Food and Agri Business


LHK Insurance is committed to supporting the growth of Ireland’s leading indigenous industry through bespoke industry specific Risk and Insurance advice.

Provision of Risk & Insurance services to the Food & Agri sector

“Provision of Risk & Insurance services to the Food & Agri sector”

Through our experience in the UK and Ireland, we have developed a unique expertise in the Food and Agri Sector. Due to the increasing challenges in the local insurance market we are experiencing and increasing number of enquiries for advice and support in this area.

In order to offer the best advice, placement and service delivery to our clients, we have developed partnership arrangements with a number of specialists in the UK, this covers the following:

Physical Damage and Consequential Loss

Features of our offering include:

  • Access to an exclusive panel of insurers who are committed to insuring this sector in Ireland
  • Bespoke policy wordings and covers are available where required
  • Risk Management Advice and support (based in Ireland)


Employers and Public / Products Insurance

Features of our offering include:

  • Access to an exclusive panel of insurers who are committed to insuring this sector in Ireland.
  • Bespoke solutions including, long term agreements, loyalty bonuses and low claims rebates.
  • Non traditional policy structures and deductible options can be arranged to reduce the risk transfer premium.

Product Recall and Product Contamination Insurance

There are 3 types of cover available:

  • Product recall.
  • Malicious tamper / accidental contamination.
  • Product guarantee.

A key part of the offering from our insurance partners, at no additional cost to our clients is a consultative support service. The key features of this are pre-incident consultation, live crisis response and a 24/7 helpline.

Environmental Impairment

Liability Cover is available for the following:

  • Sudden and accidental and gradual pollution, (traditional public liability policies cover sudden and accidental only).
  • Third-party liability, including nuisance.
  • Include clean-up imposed by regulators – onsite and offsite.
  • Can include first party business interruption.
  • Policies are based on the discovery of pollution which leads to third-party or regulatory claim, so no need for property peril.
  • Expressly include the definitions from the ELD (Environmental Liability Directive), within the policy.

Credit Risk

Types of cover are available to purchase:

  • Whole turnover cover – covers a whole portfolio of buyer.
  • Excess of loss cover – used where a seller has good internal credit procedures and wishes to take some risk share.
  • Single situation cover – cover single buyers.
  • Contract frustration cover – covering government purchases.

Business Impact analysis and continuity planning

In partnership with a leading expert in the UK in this field we have developed a unique oering in this area to support our clients, including:

  • Crisis management structure with allocated roles.
  • Specific Crisis Management Plans: Denial of access to site loss of a key service (gas, water, electricity), loss of IT, loss of a key asset or loss of a key person, pandemic, etc.
  • Off-site crisis management centre with ‘battle boxes’.
  • Crisis communication procedures – staff and stakeholders.

For further details, please contact Colm M Kelleher on 086 8360462 or email

Dublin: +353 (0) 1 205 5600
Drogheda: +353 (0) 41 983 7660