Our Church Insurance Services across Ireland…

LHK understands how important having comprehensive coverage is for a wide range of churches across the country. Like other commercial properties, churches have a lot of valuable property they use for services and work around the building. LHK, in conjunction with leading church insurers in Ireland and the UK, give a complete advisory service that provides more competitive premiums with greatly expanded advisory support.

Understanding the importance of insurance

We provide coverage to various churches across Ireland. We understand how churches operate and what they mean to both leaders of churches and the community they work with. Any damage incurred to the property not only affects you, but also your congregation. Serious damage to the building can potentially interfere with how you deal with your worshipers and their enjoyment of your church services. If your church does not have insurance to cover it from any accidents and vandalism, then it will take longer for the church to operate again. If it does have coverage, it will result in people coming back for worship in no time.

Assistance from your insurance broker

When you choose LHK as your broker, we become your partner and advocate. Our primary role is to use our professional understanding of your insurance needs, combined with their knowledge of the benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies on the market, to negotiate the best solution for all denominational churches of Ireland. We offer expert advice and understand the special needs of organisations dedicated in service to the community. Through consultation, training and support we will equip your leaders with the knowledge to enhance their role as stewards of the property and the people in its care.

If you are looking for church insurance in Ireland and need any advice on how to manage the risks associated with churches, please contact Graham Hohn on (01) 2055600 or email

What is covered in your policy:

  • Your buildings
  • Your contents and personal effects
  • Your consequential losses
  • Your money
  • Your losses following theft by officials
  • Your legal liabilities towards employees, authorised volunteers or members of the public following an accident
  • Legal expenses insurance, to protect your position on a range of legal issues
  • You, your employees or authorised volunteers being unable to work because of an accident
  • Pastoral indemnity

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