Corporate Social Responsibility


“We extend our collaborative spirit beyond our business”

LHK Insurance firmly believe that all successful businesses have a social responsibility to invest some of their earnings to help those in society who find themselves on the wrong side of the poverty line. It’s what we refer to as the “social dividend”. It is our vision as a company to try our very best to leverage the weight of the insurance business to help try eradicate the fundamental causes of systemic poverty in Ireland.

LHK Insurance will continue (as part of our core business strategy) to support a viable CSR policy provided it is in a financial position to do so. We cannot achieve this unless our business ethics and vision are based on honesty, trust and transparency. Of course, it cannot produce continuing funds unless these principles are engrained in the business ethos of LHK, their clients and insurers. This tripartite relationship is vital to making it a success.

Some of our recent CSR initiatives include:

Christmas Hamper Project 2015

CSR Initiative Dublin 2015We have been liaising with Gardai over the past number of years to raise funds to stock and distribute Christmas Hampers. In Christmas 2015, we raised funds from both clients and insurers alike to cover the cost of supplying over 70 hampers and food vouchers which were distributed to disadvantaged families in the Bray, Bluebell, Tallaght and Drogheda areas. These were distributed by the community Gardai in these areas because we felt that due to their regular community liaison activities, the Gardai could readily identify families who were genuinely struggling day to day. The feedback was enormous. A family receiving a Christmas hamper from their local Garda served 2 purposes:

a) it addressed an immediate need for food at Christmas and,

b) it strengthened the relationship between the affected families (and community) and the Gardai.

Peter Mc Verry Trust Charity Cycle September 2017

Peter McVerry Cycle Photo 2017The LHK Cycling team (Keith Young, Philip Finegan, Graham Hohn, Gillian Linn, David Gibson and Lisa Mc Cabe) completed the 140km charity cycle from Dublin to Wexford on September 16th, 2017. The team represented both offices and raised over €3,500 for The Peter Mc Verry Trust. We wish to sincerely thank all those who contributed to our fundraising drive which included donations from clients, insurer partners, friends and suppliers.





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